Congratulations on your new photos! Although you must be excited to share them, there are a few remarks that should be noted in regards to publishing photos, especially when it comes to publishing photos that show recognizable people and properties, such as in events, construction, and architecture photography.
–Photos without any recognizable people or property, can generally be used in any context, be it editorial/documental (e.g.: social media, blogs, newspapers, magazines, portfolios, case studies) or commercial/promotional (e.g.: advertising, direct marketing, billboards, sponsored content).
–Photos with recognizable people or properties, need an authorization (release) from the person, or property owner to be used in commercial/promotional contexts, and, without a release should ONLY be used in editorial/documental contexts.
–It is of responsibility of the publisher of the photos (and not of the photographer) to ensure photos are used correctly.
–In case you really like an image with a recognizable person or property, and you would like to use it in commercial/promotional contexts, you can always try to request their authorization.
–As a courtesy, we'll always inform you know when delivering photos without releases.
For construction photos only:
–Construction photos can sometimes capture safety infractions that can cause problems with city regulations (e.g. a worker working without a hardhat). We try our best to avoid capturing and delivering photos with infractions, however, we cannot guarantee that all photos are clear of them.
This information should be seen as general advice only and does not constitute legal advice.